Add custom scripts

Tutorial no 11

                               So, in all the tutorials we covered before, we have used default controller scripts & default topologies. In this tutorial we are going to design our custom topology and custom controller scripts.

                                 You will find this tutorial very interesting, because till now we have created topologies in command line interface of mininet. And here we have web based Graphical Interface. We will use cloud application called VND (Virtual Network Descriptor) to create topology and controller script. This VND tool is developed by Ramon Fontes, Federal Institute of Bahia, Brazil and available on

                                                                  (Note:- You should have updated flash player in your system to work with VND)

1) Visit above link to getting started with VND or clone the vnd repo

git clone


You can also use docker image of vnd — >

docker pull ramonfontes/vnd:v2

docker run ramonfontes/vnd:v2)

cd vnd/bin-debug/

python -m SimpleHTTPServer


2)To create topology, select hosts, OpenFlow switch and OpenFlow controller. Use Ethernet links to connect hosts.


3) After that lets focus on controller configuration. Now we will define simple flow rule for host1 and host2 traffic.

Select controller POX

Ingress port=1, Output=2      # packets coming from port 1 are forwarded to port 2                  Ingress port=2, Output=1      # packets coming from port 2 are forwarded to port 1


4) After all configurations, download the both topology and controller scripts.


5) Then as usual save the scripts in pox/ext folder and run it

You can verify results using ping

This video tutorial will clear how to use VND. This tool also supports mininet wifi.