Flow installation with DPCTL

Tutorial No.6

Flow installation with DPCTL

                     DataPathController (DPCTL) is command line tool which sends OpenFlow messages to switch. Using this tool we get switch port and flow statistic also flow entries. We can also add flow rules in OpenFlowswitch using DPCTL. It’s very great tool to communicate switch directly without OpenFlowController.

In this tutorial, we use DPCTL to get flow status from switch and also we will learn how to add flow rule in switch using DPCTL.

1)To see installed flows

dpctl dump-flows tcp:

         Here we have added flow as we added in simulation tutorial. Also you can verify installed flows using above command.

dpctl add-flow tcp: in_port=1 actions:output=2        

dpctl add-flow tcp: in_port=2 actions:output=1


You can verify results using ping utility.